Shiv Signage supplies and manufactures a broad range of ACP Signage. We only use the best raw materials. It is possible to see the ACP signage from a distance. ACP signage is widely used in shops and malls, commercial complexes, and corporate offices. They are also available in a variety of sizes and designs.

Signage Monster has both solvent and digital machines that can make ACP sign boards. To enhance the company’s brand value, we can create custom logos or make ACP sign boards. We can make any ACP sign board like:

  1. ACP glow, sign boards,
  2. Plastic letters with ACP sheets
  3. Trans lights digital
  4. Boards with slim sides
  5. Edge light boards
  6. Dense acrylic with ACP Sheet
  7. Signage for lite – Acp back
  8. 3D acrylic letters on ACP sheets
  9. 3D brass letters on ACP Sheet

ACP is made up of two aluminum sheets that are combined with a polyethylene core. This continuous process gives ACP excellent properties such as superior flatness, lightweight, and extraordinary flexibility. ACP offers a variety of products, including standard ACP and high gloss. This allows designers to create anything they want, not just for architecture but also in the industrial and transportation fields.

Dimension:Panel thickness – 3mm, 4mm and 5mm

Aluminum thickness: 0.21mm to 0.3mm,0.4mm, and0.5mm

Panel width: 1220mm (recommended),1250mm, 1500mm

Maximum panel length: 7000mm


PPG Kynar500 PDF-2 is rolling and polyester in solid, wood, and imitation marble colors; high gloss and mirror-brushed finishing; both single and double side coating.


Facade and roof, interior wall, partition and ceiling, signage and shop front, furniture, machinery covering, vehicle external and internal covering.

Shiv signage manufactures all types of acp signs.


Communication has always been an integral part of human civilization. Before the advent of language, communication was a common feature of human society. People used signs and gestures to communicate with one another. Over time communication moved from signs to languages. But evolution, as it is called, is a closed-loop. We once again returned to characters, not only to communicate words but also to communicate identities, ideas, and accomplishments. Signage is a standard method of communication, especially in corporate settings. Signage is used almost everywhere. Although their materials might vary, they are everywhere: on roads, in shops, outside of shops, and on vehicles. It is crucial to use the correct signage, especially in a retail environment with high competition. Your brand, outlet, and store must stand out from others. Signage that is well designed will increase walk-ins and make selling a store more accessible. Consider this: You are driving on the National Highway towards a new town. How do you choose which turn to make? SIGNAGES SIGNAGES! WHY? SIGNAGES Initially, signs on roads were made of paint in the form of milestones and retail outlets. However, it was quickly replaced by more modern materials like acrylic, vinyl, and flex. These materials are still widely used and very popular, but a new leader in the signage industry is emerging. Aluminum Composite PanelsACPs is also known as Sandwich Panels. Many new structures are being built in this age of rapid urbanization. These include shopping malls, high-rise townships, and multi-terminal airports. The world is rapidly changing. Every organization needs to be able to compete with its competitors. Your organization must think for the future, and ACP is that future. are the best and most cost-effective marketing tool you have. This is the advantage ACP signage offers over traditional signage:

This is the advantage ACP signage offers over traditional signage:* LONG-LASTING: Your name, identity, and message are all represented by your signage. You want it to last a long time.
* PREMIUM LOOK – A well-designed ACP sign gives customers the impression that you offer high-quality products and excellent service.
* FLEXIBILITY – ACP design panels can be modified to meet your specific needs.
* VALUE FOR MONEY: ACP signages can be a one-time investment that pays off for many years.

Shiv Signage is a leading ACP manufacturer in delhi. Our panels are made from high-quality Aluminium Composite Panels and can be used for your signage needs. Our superior ACPs make panels the best choice for signages.10-year warranty guarantee against manufacturing defects. We know that each client is unique. Therefore, we can create custom ACP signs that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our long list of satisfied customers is proof of our quality. It’s a simple trade-off. Who would you trust with your name, anyway? You can choose from traditional paints or flexes that will fade over time or a weatherproof ACP. The first impression is what makes a customer choose to shop at your store or not. You need great signage to attract new customers, even if your products are of the highest quality. Let’s work together to make a great first impression. ACP Signage Board.

Shiv Signage, a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of ACP signage boards, is based in Punjabi Bagh (India), India. We offer high-quality, affordable aluminum composite panel signage boards in a variety of sizes and colors.

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